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As the new evolution in online review sites, empowers businesses to address the most prevalent issue in today’s online marketplace: fake and inaccurate reviews. Delivers Authentic Reviews was established with two primary goals in mind. delivers reviews that are verified as the creation of actual customers of these businesses. certifies every single review upon submission to ensure that all reviews have been submitted by actual customers at the point of service. While hundreds of review sites exist online, our site only allows reviews to be posted after a verification process that ensures authenticity. This eliminates the presence of anonymous reviews, slanderous reviews posted by competitors or former employees, and any other reviews that violate our strict parameters for publication.

ReviewStar Captures Customer Reviews with Ease provides customers the opportunity to submit a review right at the point of service using the latest mobile technology. We offer the ability for businesses to capture a customer review from any device. The best part is that the whole process takes less than a minute. By leveraging the power of mobile technology, shows the benefit of real people offering real perspectives. As a result, online users receive a fair and balanced take on their local business.

The Difference is owned and managed by Third Coast Interactive, Inc. Third Coast Interactive, Inc. is a digital media development company focused on business-to-business applications that help promote honest, fair and balanced solutions for private and public sectors.

100% customer-generated reviews, 100% of the time. That is the difference.